Shepherd Hook 48 inch 1/2 inch Thick Use at Weddings, Hanging Solar Lights, Lanterns, Bird Feeders, Metal Hanger Hook. Black Color.

  • Multi Applications: Beautify your outdoor living space by hanging flower pots, Solar lights, lanterns, flower baskets, garden lights, mason jars, string lights, wind chimes, ornaments, bird feeders, bird baths, planters and more! Great for outdoor wedding aisle and ideal for any garden decorations.
  • Height Adjustable: Each has 1 extender for 2 different height options: 31” and 48”. Easy to setup.
  • Premium Quality: Rust resistant, heavy duty steel construction. With a 1/2 inch diameter wrought iron metal garden hanging hooks, much thicker than other garden shepherds hooks.
  • Stylish and Beautiful: With traditional look and dark finish the shepherds hook complements anything that you choose to hang on it. Blends seamlessly into its surroundings and goes great with most other colors.
  • Recommendation: In order to implement height adjustment function, the screw structure is adopted instead of a single piece metal. The height is mainly designed for hanging some garden decorations. So we don’t recommend it for hanging heavy objects of over 15 pounds. Particularly soft soil and hanging overloads may cause the hook to topple over.

Create the garden of your dreams with our Shepherds Hooks!

♦ These amazing hooks with the perfect balance of tradition and versatility are the perfect accessory to any outdoor space! A super easy and convenient way to tackle any outdoor gardening party or event! It will make any hanging object stand out with ultimate beauty. Hang your decorative lights, bird feeders, lanterns, and more!

♦ Each hook includes 1 extender for two height options. The hooks can measure up to 48” depending on what you would like to hang and how much you would like it to stand out! These hooks are constructed of durable steel to provide stability and lasting quality to withstand many seasons. They are also made to withstand strong winds without the worry of weather affecting the object hanging from it. Now, you no longer need to worry about hanging flowers, lights, or feeders! These shepherds hooks will create a beautiful outdoor scene for any occasion. This allows you to save time and messy clean-up by knowing that these hooks (once properly planted into the ground) can stand alone!

♦ Perfect for Wedding, Christmas, Halloween, House-warming or Valentine gifts! Whether you are decorating your lawn, setting up a backyard barbecue, or arranging a beautiful wedding these hooks can make any occasion all the more enchanting!

♦ The hooks are also collapsible to 31” when limited height space is available. Package includes shepherd’s hook, extender, and stake.


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